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About Us

Why Uche Designs?        Because I Am Driven, Determined and Gifted.

What My Inspiration Was.

History Of My Arm Brace Design 

There are several braces out there for almost every part of the body, but when one looks for braces for arms, only a hand full can be found. I always wondered why and as it happens one day I was marketing a Carbon Fiber Knee brace for a company and asked the Managing Director why there were such a small number of arm braces available in medicine. He said that the main reason was because the amount of size variation in arms is more so than other body parts and that most manufacturers would not find the units cost effective to produce. A brace must fit like a glove and a large variety of cuff sizes would be required. Then I thought, why not a flexible yet sturdy material created in a way that would allow space for the skin to breath and provide the right amount of compression to keep the hand functional. No such brace was on the market, so I designed and built one.