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A Fusion Of Design, Art and Creativity.

This is the very essence of my work. I have filled the site with various examples of my 3D Art work, my Designs, and even a couple of concepts that I have had manufactured all for your viewing pleasure. If you see anything that you find interesting, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to discuss the relevant design or artwork in detail.

A Fusion Of Art And Design.
The main objective behind the creation of this site was to show that Design can be an everyday part of everyone's life. The truth of the matter is, we all have a bit of a Designer inside of us struggling to find it's way to the surface. This ability could manifest it's self in any number of ways. You could be at work and think of a more productive way of displaying account information, or at home and think up a new way of socializing on the internet that gathers momentum and becomes something that is a part of everyone's life. The key is to do what you enjoy and with perseverance, and a little elbow grease, positive things can happen.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to have the ability to appreciate good design, all you need is a desire to take in new ideas and an open mind as to what you like.
The Arm Brace in the image is a good example of this. I created this " finger extensor " a little while back and went through different variation of it up until I came up with the final shape that would effectively extend the fingers in a hand with an injury with minimal bruising of the soft tissue there by facilitating prolonged use of the unit. The space at the sides of the fingers allow the unit fit a wide variety of users which makes the unit cost effective to produce. It would be helpful for victims of stroke, motorcycle injuries and even carpel tunnel conditions.

Medical Applications


CAD Work. And Much More To Come
  • Goldfish Bowl Concept.
    Goldfish Bowl Concept.
Goldfish Bowl Concept.
Goldfish Bowl Concept.



Interior Designs


Character Animation.

Multi Layered Follicle Density, Animated hair and cloth draping with inverse kinematics and figure collision applied.


To create a pen and ink sketch from photo provided by client. Image can be run through 3d studio processing but initial rendition must be created by hand. My entries are shown below.